NB this book is only available – in physical or electronic form – through Amazon. It’s also much shorter than the other Corvinus books.

‘I need a favour from you, Corvinus. Do what Occusia asks, and I’ll be very grateful. Very grateful indeed. Turn her down, or fudge things, and – watch my lips here, please – you’ll wish that you’d never been born. Your choice, absolutely, no pressure. You understand?’

Four years down the line, and Sempronius Eutacticus is still the charming, good-natured organised-crime boss that he was when they last met. Now his stepson has gone missing, and he wants Corvinus to trace him. Not that it should be too difficult: young Titus has simply run off to join an acting troupe, and there really is no cause for concern.
Until his body turns up…
The thirteenth in the Marcus Corvinus series.

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