Jacko got to his feet. Still breathing heavily, he picked up the thing on the ground beside him. It was a comb, a square comb made of gold.‘How did you know?’ he said quietly to Robbie. Then, when there was no answer: ‘How did you know?’ Robbie backed away from the hate he saw in his brother’s face. ‘You sent it!’ Jacko grabbed the boar’s huge head by the snout and raised it. ‘Damn you! You’re responsible for all of it!’ Robbie’s mouth opened in denial. Then the truth of the words hit him. Jacko was right. He had sent it. He had sent it twice now. ‘If we meet again, brother,’ Jacko said softly, ‘I’ll kill you.’

Three teenagers, Robbie and Jacko Ogilvy and their cousin Kat Lindsay, are caught up in a deadly triangle where their relationship with one another mirrors a tragedy played out over a thousand years before. If they are to survive, they must break free of the circle in which myth, magic and reality blur.

A novella-length book, set (and written) in the 1980s, for young adults or for anyone who enjoyed the Alan Garner timeslip novels of the 1960s.

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