(Germanicus is the 2nd of the Marcus Corvinus series)

‘I swear,’ Livia said slowly, ‘by all the gods above and below, by my hope of escaping torment in the next world for the murders I have committed in this and by my hope for my own eventual deification, that I was neither directly nor indirectly responsible for the death of my grandson Germanicus Caesar. There. Close your mouth now, please, Corvinus, you look ridiculous.’

My head was spinning. ‘You mind explaining why, now?’ I said.

Why the oath? Or why I brought you here in the first place?’

‘Both, Excellency.’

‘Oh, Corvinus! You disappoint me! Of course, now you know that I wasn’t responsible for Germanicus’s death I want you to find out who was.’

The last thing Corvinus wants is to be involved once more with the diabolical machinations of the Empress Livia: she’s as trustworthy as a snake with a migraine.

But Livia has a way of asking favours that is impossible to refuse, and besides, Corvinus has been missing the little tingle at the nape of his neck that accompanies his amateur detective work…

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