These are definitely, to put it in Scots, ‘doon a diff’rent dreel a’thegether’ from my Roman ones.

Angus is my home county, where the books are set. There are two of them, ‘Hexagon’ and ‘Jaeger’s Howe’, written (and set) in the 1980s, ie before my first book, ‘I, Virgil’, was accepted for publication. They have nothing to do with historical crime, or with Rome; I meant them for readers – particularly but not necessarily young adults – who shared my own interest in Celtic and Scandinavian mythology and in the blurring of the barrier between ‘then’ and ‘now’ which was a feature of, say, the Alan Garner books of the 1960s. Although, as you’ll find if you read them, mine are much, much darker.

Not Corvinus, then, nowhere near, and products very much of their time. But pulled out of the drawer, dusted down and subjected to a drastic rewrite they still work for me. Please do, if you think they might be of interest, have a look at the blurbs and first chapters.
Comments and reactions, as always, are appreciated