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Historical crime writer David Wishart was born in Arbroath, Scotland. He studied Classics - Latin and Greek - at Edinburgh University and after graduation taught for four years in a secondary school.

He then retrained as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language and worked abroad for eleven years, in Kuwait, Greece and Saudi Arabia. He returned to Scotland in 1990 and now lives in Carnoustie, mixing writing with teaching EFL, Latin and study skills at Dundee University.

He is married to Rona, head of Support for Learning at St Leonards School in St Andrews, and has two children. He does not play golf but spends a great deal of his non-writing time walking the dog.
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I had an e-mail through the website in December from a US reader (Pam Vanghel) pointing out that my earlier (Hodder & Stoughton) books weren't available in e-form on Amazon US.

I'm currently working on this. Four of the later books - Food for the Fishes, Parthian Shot, Illegally Dead, and In at the Death - were uploaded earlier this month (March), but because the earlier ones were written on a steam-driven Amstrad I've had to get the 3" discs converted to an editable form. Most of them are done now, which means I can upload the books piecemeal as and when I get the new covers, and I'm starting at the other end in both Kindle and (hopefully, through Amazon US) hard copy form. I've just uploaded Ovid, onto Kindle, at least, and the next two, Germanicus and Sejanus, are in the pipeline. 

We'll get there eventually...

My best wishes to you all. And please do feel free to get in touch at any time.


Ebook versions

All the titles (Hodder-published and later) are available on Kindle, and Bodies Politic/No Cause for Concern are available, too, through Smashwords and the companies they supply.I’ve also Kindled and Smashworded two other books - not Corvinus, not Roman, not crime -, Hexagon and Jaeger's Howe. In their original form, the stories were written more years ago than I like to count, certainly before I was published, and then when I was Hodder slipped me into the Historical Crime slot, so  they stayed in the drawer. A great pity, since I’ve always really, really liked them, and through the magic of Kindle I can now take them out, dust them off, and – after some major rejigging and polishing - publish them myself. As I say, they are a completely different kind of book, so I'll quite understand if they're not for you. However, if you’re interested, then please do go to the Amazon Kindle site, call them up and have a look. 

That's about it for the present. Do, please, feel free to get in touch about anything. It's always good to know there's someone out there.

Very best wishes



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